About Us


“Sawabona” is a South African word utilized as a greeting that means “I see you,” but the more profound meaning conveyed is, “I respect you; I value you and your humanity; you are important to me.” We are glad you stopped by for a visit.

I am Dr. Lafayette Jefferson Jr. Community organizer, trouble maker, preacher, teacher and theologian. I completed my undergrad work at Norfolk State University and I attended STVU (Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University). I have a daughter at North Carolina A&T. I believe in HBCU's, but more importantly and I believe in the power of us!   

My team and I think that there are events that need to be remembered, images that need to be seen, beliefs that need to be expressed and truths that need to be spoken authentically. Our goal is to capture those things and present them to the diaspora.

This site and our products isn't going be for everyone and we are cool with that. But there are enough "freedom at all costs focused folk" that are down.  

Sidenote: Friends made me post a pic. So I found a candid non-academic real pic. Cuz I'm real son!!!