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Not a well-known term, Saltwater African, Saltwater Negro and Saltwater (N-Word).  These Africans, taken from the freedom of the sun-kissed lands and enslaved. These enslaved Africans were not indoctrinated into the life of the enslaved and thus they were considered difficult to control and manage - when all they wanted was their "Freedom." They would do everything they could to resist indoctrination into a life of enslavement.

There are still some of us around.

The Black Mermaid

The Black mermaid is Yemoja also known as Iyemọja, Yemọnja, Iyemọnja, Iyemẹja, Yemanjá, Iemanjá, Janaína, Mãe da Água or Yemẹja. She is considered the ocean mother goddess. She was the brought to the new world by enslaved Africans by way of the middle passage.